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TLC Cloth (Tender Little Cheeks)

A single layer of flannelette with a serged edge, used under baby's cheeks (either top or bottom) to prevent chaffing.


Hot or Cold Pack Covers

A simple flannelette envelope used to hold hot or cold gel-pac pouches. They protect the patient from the discomfort of the high/low temperatures of the pouch cover, they absorb any condensation from the pouches, they save having to wrap the pouches in paper towel, and they're just plain cuddly!

We have LOTS of fabrics to choose from.

We also sell 'sets' as a fundraiser which are made up of a cold pack, a small oattie bag and three covers.

Positioning Snakes

 A tube or "snake" of flannelette, available in two sizes (diameter), SM or LG, used in isolettes or cribs to wrap around baby, providing comfort and a womb-like sense of security. The snakes can also support wires, tubing or coverings for sick infants.

There is a shorter version available to support tubing and casts or to position necks, knees, etc in older patients.

Receiving Blankets





 A traditional flannelette blanket, available in two sizes, 36" x 36" and 44" x 54".


Soft fabric buddies -- bunnies, bears and ducklings -- provide little ones with a new best friend who will help them through frightening, stressful or lonely times.

These little darlings are completely washable, except for their ribbons, and will stand up to as much loving as their humans can bestow.

Kit Bags

These lovely little cotton bags are used for a number of things, arguably the most important is when they're full of toiletry items and presented to a variety of our clients, from people who have been hospitalized unexpectedly to street people to individuals seeking safe haven at a shelter.

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