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Handmade Hugs Society

Cowichan Valley

Photo Gallery

Hug-A-Thon 2014 Hug-A-Thon 2014 Overview 1 Looking from the Yarn area towards the entrance of the Hall 192654786 In the Beginning.... The Co-ordinator lays out the plan for the day .... 192654483 .... there were the Volunteers .... but none of our work would be accomplished without our hard working volunteers. 192654484 The Yarn Area A wide shot of the sort tables for the Yarn 192654788 Monique, directing traffic 192654792 One of our yarn winders hard at work 192654793 Sandy teaching Arm Knitting 192654790 Some of the Arm Knitting students working on their projects 192654791 Getting things closer to complete 192654789 The Fabrics Area An overview of the cutting / sorting tables 192654787 Sorting the rough cuts into manageable pieces 192654783 The finished stacks just keep growing! 192654784 Hard at work cutting projects 192654785 Don't forget to press NOT iron! 192654794 The Fabric Sorting tables early in the day. The tables are still fairly empty but by the end of the day, you couldn't see the tables for stacks of fabric! 192654795