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Handmade Hugs Society

Cowichan Valley

Photo Gallery

Hug-A-Thon - Duncan 2012 Hug-A-Thon - Duncan 2012 Hug-A-Thon - Duncan 2012 An overview of the cutting area with some of our volunteers. 150458997 A different angle of the cutting area with more of our volunteers. 150458999 The yarn donations table before sorting 150458996 .... and more yarn donations! 150458995 After sorting....Table 1..... 150461136 ....and Table 2! Amazing! We are so grateful. 150461137 A dedicated group of knitters and crocheters. 150458998 A cuppa, some conversation and time to knit -- who could ask for anything more! Especially when you're creating such cuties as these ... 150461245 ... Oh my! .... 150462998 ... how cute ... 150462996 ... are these!?! 150462997 Sorting the donations of fabric, batting, stuffing, and, and, and, 150459000 Cutting the backings for quilt kits 150459001 The pile of uncut shrinks while the pile of cut grows! Just the way it should be. 150461140 Cutting fabric for project kits. 150458993 Sewing projects 150458994 We had a few young people in our volunteers and they were terrific! 150461138 Getting a lesson in using a rotary cutter (at the Kits table) 150462995 Nathan and his mom shredded scraps for our pet bed projects. 150461142 Kassie helped with fleece toques and scarves ... 150461143 ... as did her sister Morgan 150461144 Victoria and her grandma cut (and took home to sew) our whole order for shoulder cloths! Thanks to you all; we hope you come back. 150461247 Cutting fleece for toques, scarves, and mitts. Slippers yet to come. 150461141 Sorting and cutting cottons for projects 150461139 Cutting flanelette for project kits 150461246 Demonstrating how to make potholders ... 150461248 ... and to ensure that the "window" is where it should be! 150461249